Harris Hawks Dead in our Washes

Mary Stiner

We have a wildlife emergency: At least three Harris
hawks have died in the big OF wash over a short interval. These are almost certainly of the family group that so many of us watched being hatched and raised by their parents over the past two years. Now a coyote pup is also suddenly very sick and will probably die as well.

Although several causes of death are possible for these animals, it is likely that rat poison is the culprit. If you or someone you know is using poison to get rid of packrats or other pests, please reconsider! I will be happy to share information on alternative approaches to the packrat problem, which I know is a huge headache for some of us. However, poisoning the food chain is not the answer, and I beg all of you to please refrain from using poisons if you are considering this route. If you have already laid out poisons, please remove them. I can tell you that many neighbors will be greatly saddened at the news about the hawk family’s demise! Some will also miss the young coyote that we have been watching as well.

See Mary’s article on Desert Packrat Control

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to the Oracle Foothills Neighborhood Association website. Oracle Foothills Neighborhood encompasses approximately 275 homes situated in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains on the north side of Tucson, Arizona. Close to the city, yet out in the country, wildlife and native plants characterize this eclectic and interesting neighborhood. We urge you to get involved in your neighborhood and help make it an even better place to live!

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Do you need a pool person?  Maybe someone to clean up your yard?  Are your drains clogged?  Perhaps you’re looking for a housekeeper.  We have the answers!  






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Oracle Foothills

Do you want to feed the hummingbirds?

We are lucky to have hummingbirds here year around, and it is a great joy to see them feeding just outside your window.  

Attracting these little birds is quite easy.  Just buy any one of the commercially available feeders, fill with a simple syrup solution and wait for the show.

Here’s the recipe for the nectar:

The ratio of water to sugar is 4:1

(i.e. 4 cups water, 1 cup sugar)

Bring the water to a boil, stir in the white sugar (not brown or raw, not honey).  Return solution just to a boil and remove from heat.  Allow to cool.  Fill feeder.  Refrigerate any unused portion.  


Before refilling the feeder, clean it with  a mild solution of bleach and water.  Rinse thoroughly. Please remember to change the nectar often in hot weather.  Never let mold form.  Spoiled nectar can be injurious to hummingbirds.

Catalina Foothills Center

(The Lodge)

The owners  are in the early stages of planning for the redevelopment of this large property which fronts on Oracle, but which abuts Oracle Foothills properties.  The first requirement in the planning process is to modify the PC Comprehensive Plan.  That amendment has now been approved.

  Here are links to the documents that were presented:

Request for Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Catalina Foothills Lodge Exhibits

PC Development Services Staff Report

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to APPROVE the change from MIU to NAC for Zone 1.  For Zone 2, the Commission voted to recommend that LIU 3.0 be allowed for Zone 2, and not the higher density MIU.   Many OFNA neighbors spoke and wrote in opposition to the change to MIU. Subsequent to that meeting, the applicant withdrew the request for MIU for Zone 2, lowering the request to LIU 3.0.

 The OFNA Board accepted land use category LIU 3.0 with the condition that the RAC (Residences Per Acre) be limited to 2.75.  The board did not agree to specifying one entry/exit on Genematas Dr., nor to did they agree to accepting TR (Transitional) zoning for an assisted living facility in Zone 2 of the plan.   

At their meeting on December 2, 2014, the Supervisors voted 5-0 to accept all our recommendations.  Therefore, the owners of the property will be granted an amendment to the Pima County Comprehensive Plan as follows:

NAC (Neighborhood Activity Center) for Zone 1

LIU 3.0 (capped at 2.75 RAC) for Zone 2

RT (Resource Transition) for Zone 3

Here is the article from the AZ Daily Star

The OFNA Board feels that this is a significant accomplishment for our neighborhood.  Essentially, this reduces the potential housing density from 10 per acre to 2.75 on the land most closely abutting Oracle Foothills.  

The next step is rezoning.  At this stage, the developer must provide a detailed plan of what they propose to build, including number and types of residences, building height, commercial buildings, streets, elevations, traffic volumes, buffers, landscaping, etc.  

As of October, 2016, there have been no changes to report or any new plans submitted to the County.

See Graffiti?

Report it promptly - anywhere in Pima County - to 792-8224 or fill out the online form.  You can also download a free app for your smart phone - either Android or IPhone from your app store.

Read more about Pima County’s Graffiti abatement program, TAAG.

Don’t assume someone else will report the graffiti. Getting graffiti removed as soon as possible is important for reducing the negative impact to the community and to reduce the possibility of future tagging.

Check the website above for reporting graffiti in other jurisdictions (Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana).

U.S. Senate

Senator John McCain

Senator Jeff Flake

U.S. Congress, District 2

Representative Martha McSally

State of Arizona

Governor Doug Ducey

Arizona Legislature, District 9

Senator Steve Farley

Representative Randall Friese

Pamela Powers Hannley

Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 1

Supervisor Ally Miller

Who Are My Representatives?

Got Bees?

European honey bees (Apis mellifera) are extremely important pollinators.  In Arizona, most, if not all, honeybees have been Africanized, which means they have interbred with a highly aggressive strain.  These bees can be dangerous if disturbed around their nest. You should prevent them from nesting in or around your home by sealing all possible entrances, no matter how small. If you think that a hive has been formed in your house or nearby, please call a responsible beekeeper who will not kill the bees.   In the spring, it is not uncommon to see large colonies of bees on the move, looking for a new place to nest.  These ‘swarms’ may stop to rest temporarily in a tree or other structure.  You don’t have to be concerned about them unless they choose to nest in your house.  Also, bees out foraging on flowers or near water are not dangerous. If bees have taken over your hummingbird feeder, change the type of feeder you use.  A saucer-type, as pictured to the left, will not allow the bees access to the nectar, so they will not bother with it.

Native bees, of which we have many, are not dangerous in any way.

Trees for Tucson

There have been recent changes to the Tucson Clean & Beautiful Trees for Tucson program.

Trees are now available for order for $20 ($25 for fruit-bearing trees) and that includes delivery.  There is no limit and no planting restrictions.  To order and for more information click here.

Trees for You

Tucson Electric Power customers can order discounted trees directly from TEP.  They are $5, but there is no delivery.  They can be picked up from a cooperating nursery. Click here to order.

The Power of Shade Trees

Planting and maintaining desert trees to shade your home provides many benefits:

Get out and plant your shade trees today!

Nextdoor is a neighborhood message board that allows you to communicate not only with all Oracle Foothills members, but also members of 27 nearby communities - over 1000 people in all.  This is a quick and easy way to notify neighbors of a lost pet, post an event, list an item for sale, make recommendations, notify neighbors of a crime or public safety issue, and more.  It’s easy and free to join.  Just go to Nextdoor Tucson and sign up.  You can adjust settings to receive fewer or no emails.

Contact Carole DeAngeli if you have any questions or concerns.

Arizona Illustrated: Crested Saguaros

A video featuring our famous neighborhood saguaro and her owner

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Rob Boone Photography

2017 OFNA Officers

And Board of Directors

President - Robert Bolton

Vice President - Susan Berger

Secretary/Treasurer - Jay DeAngeli


John Battaile

Delann DeBenedetti

Bente Jensen

Roxie Lopez

Lisa Meder

Diana Ossana

Leo Roop

Scott Ruth

Tom Scarborough

Mary Jo Schwartz

Joan Scott

A Little Free Library has Arrived!

Be sure to stop by the Triangle Park at the corner of Genematas and Canyon View Drives and check out the newest addition.

The Little Free Library was donated by Marti Kuykendall and her daughter, Kathleen Garrison.  It was mounted by Jay DeAngeli, and installed by Jay and Angelo Dellacona.

You can read more about Little Free Library and find our location on their map. Marti and Kathleen will be the Stewards, and you may contact Marti with any questions or concerns.

Garbage Services   

As residents of unincorporated Pima County, Oracle Foothills residents have their choice of garbage and recycle haulers.  There is wide range of prices among the carriers.  A recent poll of residents found:

RAD (Right Away Disposal) - Pickup for trash and recycle is Thursday. Rate is ~$42/3 months, no add-on fees, no start-up fee.

WM (Waste Management) - Pickup for recycle is Wed., Trash is Thurs. Huge range of prices from $66 to $263/ 4 months.  Start up fee, fuel and environmental add-on fees, annual rate increases. Will meet competition’s prices if you ask.

AzSS (Arizona Sanitation Services) - Pickup day for both trash and recycle is Tuesday. Introductory offer is $66/4 months. After 1 year, rate goes to $84/4 months. No add-on fees.

Republic (Saguaro) - Pickup is twice weekly. Rate is ~70-110/3 months. Add-on fees, regular rate increases.

What a Great Party!

What a beautiful day for our Annual Neighborhood Picnic!  

A Big THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible.

Particular thanks to Bente and Johnny Jensen, who graciously offered the use of their property, and spent many hours making preparations. Thank you also to the Martins and Juliens for allowing us the use of their driveway and parking areas. Many people helped with setup, cleanup, cooking, loading, delivering, decorating, food preparation, purchasing, children’s activities, and so much more. To each of them, Thank You!

This was our 17th year, and perhaps the best ever!  

For all the photos, click here.

Dark Skies

What you need to Know about Night Lighting

Astronomy is big business in Southern Arizona. Several thousand jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in business depend directly and indirectly on astronomy.  To help protect the industry and the prevent the negative effects of night lighting, Pima County adopted a Dark Skies Initiative ordinance in 1972 and updated it in 2012.  Tucson and Pima County take pride in their commitment to contain light pollution.  But now we’re losing the battle to night lighting.  The stars in the night sky are increasingly difficult to see from the urbanized area.  In addition to the negative effects on astronomy, night lighting can also affect wildlife, waste energy and impact human health.  Not to mention that bright night lights can annoy your neighbors.

Dark skies are the law in Pima County.  The purpose and intent of the code:

The purpose of this code is to preserve the relationship of the residents of the City of Tucson, Arizona and Pima County, Arizona to their unique desert environment through protection of access to the dark night sky. Intended outcomes include continuing support of astronomical activity and minimizing wasted energy, while not compromising the safety, security, and well being of persons engaged in outdoor night time activities. It is the intent of this code to control the obtrusive aspects of excessive and careless outdoor lighting usage while preserving, protecting, and enhancing the lawful nighttime use and enjoyment of any and all property. It is recognized that developed portions of properties may be required to be unlit, covered, or have reduced lighting levels in order to allow enough lumens in the lighted areas to achieve light levels in accordance with nationally recognized recommended practices.

To briefly summarize the law, homeowners should have no more than five night lights around the house.  You can read the ordinance here.

To read more about dark skies, and what you can do to help, go the International Dark-Sky Association website.

 Mail Delivery Issues?

If you have any problems with your mail delivery, contact our carrier - Irving, 850-2297

Or ask for his supervisor at 520-531-0695

Mail Theft

Report Mail Theft to 911 and also to the

Postal Inspector




Thanks to all who attended!

We had a great speaker - neighbor Bonnie Swarbrick, discussing wildlife issues.  The Pima County Sheriff’s Department was represented by Sheriff Chris Nanos, Sergeant Rockwell and a patrol deputy.  

We were brought up to date on neighborhood activities and potential development around us.  A new Board of Directors was elected, and there were raffle prizes awarded.  

For more details, read the minutes of the meeting.

Contact OFNA

Carole DeAngeli



P.O. Box 35783, Tucson, 85740

Neighborhood Trimming Work

A HUGE Thank You to all the volunteers who spent their Saturday trimming the rights-of-way along our streets to make it safer for drivers and pedestrians. We gathered 30 trailerloads of vegetation to be chipped and hauled away by PCDOT.

OFNA Board of Directors


Monday, April 17, 2017


5702 N. Genematas Dr.

For more information, call 690-1107

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

The next neighborhood collection of household hazardous waste will be on

 Wednesday, May 3, 7:30-8:30 am, 5650 N. Maria Dr.

Please check the list of acceptable items.

Keep quantities small.