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Sign Art Museum

Neighbors Jude and Monica Cook share their collection and love of sign art at this museum.

The museum’s mission is to preserve historically significant signs, educate the community on the value signage plays in our everyday lives and to entertain visitors by offering a unique and visually entertaining experience. 520-319-0888

331 S. Olsen, Tucson

Watering, Pet Sitter



Watering help needed twice weekly through the summer, for newly planted trees.

Contact Dominic, 407.404.4114;


We’re looking for a sitter for our 3 house rabbits, specifically for the last week of May (May 24- June 1) but ideally someone who would be interested in watching them occasionally when we are traveling. They need to be checked on morning and night, and have similar needs to a cat (food, water, litter box, etc.). One of them requires medication. Someone with rabbit experience would be great, but not required.

Contact Reagan, 817-304-2828