New Development

Pima Wash / Quail Canyon

The former Quail Canyon Golf Course - located in Pima Wash - has been purchased by a California-based developer. They plan to build 120 2-story houses and 7 3-story apartment buildings (total 210 units) on 30 acres of the 53-acre property. The developers are requesting that the property be rezoned from CR-1 (1.2 houses /acre) to significantly increase the allowable density to approximately 5.9 single family houses /acre and 210 apartment units on 9 acres.

Just a few of the concerns:

• Pima Wash is a designated Important Riparian Area and is a critical habitat for plant and animal species and serves as a wildlife corridor between the mountains and the river. Flood waters cross Rudasill Road into Pima Wash. The construction, human activity and proposed density will negatively impact this area and may drive more wildlife into existing neighborhoods.

• The proposed density (number of residences) is significantly greater than the adjacent residences, which are zoned CR-1 (1.2 houses per acre).

• The developer plans to use Rudasill Rd as an exit, degrading safety and increasing congestion. They do not have approval from the state to use Oracle Rd, and there is no guarantee they will.

• Neighborhood Quality of life issues are also a concern due to increased traffic, noise, light pollution, and other factors that will reduce existing residents’ ability to peacefully enjoy their property. Homes bordering the development will have reduced privacy and degraded views.

  • Water - where is it coming from? How can we continue to approve new developments when we are in a continual drought, Lake Mead is drying up, cuts to water use are imminent. It is simply unsustainable.

The property is located east of Oracle Rd. and South of Rudasill Rd. at the site of the former Quail Canyon Golf Course

On the map, Oracle Road is at the left. North is to the top.

The proposed apartments are the 7 buildings on the top of the page.

The single-family residences are on the bottom.

Ingress/egress for the houses is shown onto Oracle Rd., But the developers do not have permission from ADOT and there is no guarantee that they will.

The developer's proposal was approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors in July of 2023 over the vigorous objections of nearby communities. Read the article HERE.

Other Developments

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Fairfield Homes is building a 12-home subdivision on 21 acres on West Yvon Dr. See the Developer's website for details.

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Sonoran Crest

Sterling Homes is currently building an 8-home subdivision on 1-acre lots on Genematas Dr.